Stone Passion Northeast

Why should I choose concrete instead of granite, marble or another solid surface?

The possibilities are endless. Unlike granite or other solid surfaces, concrete can be sculpted, molded, textured and inlayed to fit your particular style. Integral sinks are sculpted in to enhance any look. From a farmhouse kitchen to a Tuscan bath design, concrete can be shape to fulfill your design needs.

What can be made out of concrete?

Most anything you can imagine... kitchen to bathroom countertops, showers, tub surrounds, sinks, fireplaces and much more.

Are concrete countertops affordable?

The cost of concrete is very competitive with quality granite or other engineered countertop systems. Generally bidding edge for edge our system saves 20% or more on the overall bid. We'll give you a solid estimate and work with you to find the options that fit your project designs and budgets.

How thick are concrete countertops?

Our countertops are 1.75" thick

Does concrete crack or chip?

Stone Passion proprietary structural system provides the strength needed to avoid micro-fractures. Like all materials, concrete needs properly built cabinets and or structures.

Can I cut and chop on my concrete countertop?

Yes, but we recommend you use a cutting board to protect your concrete surface.

How about hot pots and pans?

Although Stone Passion countertops are heat-resistant, we recommend using pot holders or hot plates to protect your countertops.

If damaged, can the countertops be repaired?

Yes, the countertop depending upon the damage can be repaired, touched-up and even resealed.

Will concrete countertops be too heavy for my cabinets?

Our countertops weigh about 19 lbs. per square foot, which is similar to other stone products and well within load capacities for standard, quality-made cabinets.

Do you pour the concrete on location?

No. We do not pour on site. All products are cast in our workshop and then installed in your home.

What about a sealer?

Stone Passion's proprietary sealer provides a surface that is extremely stain resistant and low maintenance. The sealer does not degrade and therefore does not need to be reapplied every year like many other sealers. The sealer also exhibits great heat resistance and is FDA approved.

What colors are available?

Stone Passion offers eight introductory colors. We also offer custom colors to fit every need. Subtle looks to variegated patterns complete the design.

What is the process? How long does it take?

We come out to your home to measure and create templates for your project. Then, back in our workshop we create molds from the templates and cast them. The process from templating through installation usually takes three to four weeks.